Getting the miles in

We all know how difficult it can be to go out for a run, especially if you’re absolutely useless at self-motivation. Everything seems to be a deterrent – the rain, hunger, old and uninspiring running clothes etc. I do however have 5 tips that will help you to take that first step (or run in this case):


1. Start a lunchtime Run Club

One week into starting my new job I introduced a weekly lunchtime run club. I must say that this has gone down an absolute treat! This is such a great way to get running and for me it has so many benefits. If you’re an office based worker this is a no-brainer as it allows you to get away for a release. There’s nothing worse than staring at your computer screen all day and running during your lunch hour offers that escapism. Your manager will love it too; the 2nd half of the day will see you more focused and creative than you’ve ever been before. It’s also a great feeling going home realising that your jog for the day has already been done. Put your feet up, crack open the coconut water and treat yourself to a Game of Thrones ep.

2. Join your local Athletics Club

Too intimidated to join your local athletics club? Don’t be! This is another great way to get running and it gives you the social element which running alone will never be able to provide. Personally I have no problem running alone but I have many friends and family that need that extra push. Being part of your local running club will make you work harder (because no one wants to fall behind right) whilst also allowing you to make great friends. These clubs are not as intimidating as they look. Everyone is there to support each other and they cater for you whatever pace you run.

3. Have a go at Parkrun

Parkrun is very popular and the events take place on Saturday mornings in (you guessed it) parks across the UK. Wait here’s the good bit….they’re FREE. If signing up to your local athletics club is a step too far, the best introduction to running you can have is by heading down to your local park and joining the other early bird runners bright and early for a casual 5k. These events are great as they are run by volunteers and even timed. If you’re new to running or even looking to get/maintain fitness I would highly suggest giving it a go. They will give you the feel of an organised event minus the fee and the medal.

4. Sign up to your first half/full marathon

What better way to get running then to sign up to a half marathon ay? Signing up to an event is a good way of giving yourself the kick up the bum you might need as paying the entry fee and receiving your race pack (is this is actually happening!?) means it just got real. This works because it sets a target and gives you something to work towards. There’s no worse feeling than skipping a whole week without running knowing the half marathon you paid £50 to sign up to is round the corner.

5. Make it a joint venture

Team up with your partner, best friend, colleague or family member. Making it a joint venture is great because you keep each other motivated and it gives you a shared goal. This could be whether it is to lose weight, get fit for the upcoming season or to even run your first marathon. As soon as you step foot in your home after work the sofa looks more appealing than when you first bought it, but having that partner to give you a nudge and remind you you’re going out for a run (and vice-versa) will make you so appreciative in the long run (no pun intended). It may not seem like it now, but once you’ve reached that goal you’ll be very thankful for the kick up the bum you had when the thought of a night off seemed so good.

My thoughts

This is my personal collection of thoughts and ideas and I’m sure there are hundreds of other ways out there that could equally motivate and inspire, but ultimately the decision to get out there lies with YOU. Whatever goal you want to achieve make it happen, and if you’re reading this blog post then I guess you’re already half way there…


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