Never give up on your hobbies

This post is a must for me because I feel I need to share my thoughts on why you should never give up doing the things you enjoy. In essence this is not directly sport related as you could take this away and apply it to whatever hobby you have; reading, writing, painting and the list could go on. This post however will delve into my personal experiences and as to why I can’t stress this enough.

Well where do I start? How about with the one sport I’ve played (more sporadically in the past few years) for the majority of my life – football.

Cliché I know but like many boys I was thrown into football pretty much as soon as I could walk. As soon as I could kick a ball I was taken down to my local team by an ever so eager father and from there my amateur career was born.

As I aged the transition moved from 7-a-side to 11-a-side and I played for my local team, school team and 5-a-side with mates until I went to University. What happened then I could never have imagined. As with anything, when you have dedicated yourself to a sport for a pro longed period of time the novelty can begin to wear off and I felt myself burnout. I didn’t want to play or even watch football and adding to that a fresher year full of a high sugar and beer diet I rarely kicked a ball.

You could say closing the door on football opened another one for me as at that point I discovered dance, but post University I began to feel the hole that football left, and more importantly it needed to be filled. You could say that my post University travelling experience  helped to revive my love for football as I was blessed with the opportunity to teach football to orphan children in a school in Malaysia. The happiness I instilled in the children for those couple of hours along with their jokes of “sir you look like Sterling”, “sir you look like Sturridge” made me realise the reason I had continued playing for all those years. For them it gave a sense of escapism from their reality, it made them forget about their worries and it brought us all together regardless of race, sex or ability.


Back in the UK and after a lot of deliberating and excuses being made, I found a team and my love for the sport has been reborn.

My first season back I managed to snap up a cheeky award and I’m already prepping for the next season. Whatever your hobby, stick to it and make time for it. It sounds soppy but you never know how long you’ve got until you can’t do it anymore. Yes we all lead busy lives with work, uni projects etc getting in the way but there’s nothing better than ending a stressful say with a run, long ride, dance class etc….or in this case kicking a ball.




One thought on “Never give up on your hobbies

  1. You articulate so well my son. This is what motivation is all about. Endurance, hard work and dedication.



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