Virgin Money London Marathon 2017

Apologies for yet another unintentional and brief hiatus in my series of blog posts, but this particular topic is one of pure excitement and realisation that I’ll be taking part in one of the greatest marathons on earth!

So after completing Brighton marathon a couple of years ago I felt relieved, exhausted, happy but also glad it was over and I also remember uttering the words, never…ever…again. Once this feeling subsided a few months down the line and after working at the London Marathon the following year I felt compelled to take part. I was inspired by the amazing stories, the unbelievable crowds and of course the pros, and decided I may as well enter the ballot as I have nothing to lose.

When ballot result week arrived I just assumed I wouldn’t be getting a place (I’ve never won the lottery or anything of the sort ever) and a quick look on the Virgin Money London Marathon page showed a barrage of angry comments from individuals receiving the disheartening ‘commiserations’ magazine. I arrived home to see it there amongst the post and opened it expecting nothing more than disappointment. As the ‘YOU’RE IN’ magazine was revealed I felt pure happiness but a realisation sunk in that now that this has just got real.

Call me Charlie Bucket – I’ve got the golden ticket!

You could say I’m fortunate I managed to gain a ballot place in just my second attempt as I’ve heard horror stories of people applying for 10 plus years without getting in. With even more numbers applying it’s become even more sough after, and as London Marathon events have dropped the 5 year rule, gaining a place is somewhat like winning the lottery.

You’ll be glad to know that I’m not taking this place for granted as I understand how sought after they are, and I’ll be working my ass off between now and then to make sure I get nothing more than a PB. I’m also opting to fundraise for Prostate Cancer UK as I want to use this place for a good cause. So this is the start of the London Marathon journey and I’ll most certainly be updating you guys on how it’s going and to hopefully provide advice to anyone out there running it too!

Have you run it before? Got any tips? Let me know!


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