London’s guide to running clubs

So you’ve stumbled upon this post as you’re looking for a great running club to join within the big smoke – the good news is that you need not look any further! Running with a group offers so many benefits; it gives you that push at that one moment you could have easily given up, it provides safety in numbers when you’re pounding those mean streets late at night, it allows you to make friends, and for most people (including myself) it just helps to make running that little bit more enjoyable.  There’s so many running clubs to choose from within London so forgive me if some vital ones have been missed, as this post (as you can imagine) is based upon my own personal experiences and exposure. Enjoy!

  1. Run Dem Crew

First up it’s the crew headed up by DJ, poet and writer Charlie Dark, who formed this crew in the winter of 2007.

As the introduction goes: “Run Dem Crew (RDC) is not a running club and we do not jog. First and foremost we are family and a community who run hard, run fast and run strong.”  RDC is certainly that and it offers such a sense of community and togetherness that from a personal point of view is yet to be rivaled.

Currently they run 1 session on a Tuesday night from East London and the crew is split into paced groups. They also run two different track sessions on a Thursday, one at the Mile End stadium known as ‘Track East’ and one in Maida Vale known as ‘Track Mafia’. If you’re looking for something more than a running club; a family you can join in which you can share experiences, make lifelong friends with whilst also collaborating on ideas then this is the crew to join!



  1. London Midnight Runners

London Midnight Runners is a cool collective which came about due to the shared love for the city and the desire to escape the tediousness which comes with training indoors. If the energy and the loud pumping electro music is not enough to get you going than nothing will!

They organise a 10k boot camp run every Tuesday in St Paul’s as well as monthly 10km midnight music runs and track sessions on a Thursday. This club does charge £30 for 3 months membership or £100 a year which comes with some great benefits, and you also get your first 2 sessions free.

Again this is a great collective who will really help you to enjoy your running and I’m sure you won’t look back after your first session.



  1. Nike+ Run Club

The Nike brand needs no introduction and the free running clubs they offer from various starting points is definitely something to consider if you’re new to running or up for something challenging to help you with that 5k PB.

They organise a ‘Home Run’ every Monday from Niketown (Oxford Street) and you can choose your preferred distance from 5km up to 10km. They also have a “Ready Set Go Run’ from the King’s cross store which is a great session for those who are new to running. Completing their portfolio is the speed run which takes place every Wednesday at the Mile End Stadium track.

All in all the sessions are very social and cater for all fitness/ability types so do get involved!


  1. Adidas Runners

Adidas runners are a group led by several different captains and they offer a superb service such as a bag drop (in which the vehicle transports your belongings from the start to finish) as well as your very own free technical t-shirt. They run 5 tailored sessions a week within London which are:

MONDAY – South London – 6:30PM START





One of the team captains will post the upcoming event details containing a link to the runners’ hub within the Facebook group, and then it’s a simple case of signing and turning up!



  1. Asics Running Club

Asics, another well-known and established running brand that organise several running sessions which take place from their flagship store near Oxford Street. So far they provide two options: a Monday evening session which takes place in nearby Hyde Park which tends to be aimed at beginners, as well as a Wednesday boot camp session which aims to mix things up by including drills, strength and stability work. Both these sessions start at 6:30pm however if you aren’t able to make it to Oxford Street due to logistics, time constraints etc. you can search for your nearest Asics store to see if they provide any running sessions.


Which club are you a part of? Got any you can suggest? Please do let me know as I’d love to hear from you!


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